20 months old baby

Question: How to break habit of pacifiers for 20 months old baby

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Answer: Apply something bitter
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Question: How to break habit of pacifiers for 20months old baby
Answer: Hello dear To Stop ur baby from sucking pacifiers u can do following : U should start giving pacifier only at nap time After some days stop giving at nap Time also Instead, u can give any toy This way ur baby will get adjusted without pacifier.
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Question: How to stop using pacifiers..? My daughter is 20 months old now but she needs pacifiers to sleep in other times she don't use it
Answer: hi when's the baby has a habit of using pacifier it becomes difficult to get out of this habit however you should try this firstly you should give pacifier to the baby only at the time of when the baby is sleeping as you have already mentioned that the baby uses pacifier only at the time of sleeping slowly you should get that out and you should try to make the baby sleep by rocking or buy other rocking yesterday with the help of some a good soft toy which will help the baby if you baby is doing first it is better you given a cuddly toy which will help
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Question: How to break thumb sucking habit of baby??
Answer: Thumb sucking babies are so intelligent. You need not stop. They eventually forget when growing old. No need to worry
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