36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How to be sure baby is ok inside, scanning done 2 weeks back, report was normal and doctor called back again after 3 weeks for checkup. Since 9th month has started how to be assure everything is normal inside?

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Answer: Don't worry be relaxed everything will be fine just watch for baby movements if your baby is active and moving around it's safe.
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Question: I went for scanning in 6th week, but der was no heartbeat detected, doctor told to get the scanning done again after two weeks...Again n again scanning wont hav any effect on baby????
Answer: Hi no don't worry you can going for scanning again in fact you should repeat the scan after 8 to 10 to 12 days which will help to know the baby's heart beats
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Question: Doctor suggests to do double marker test after ultrasound. Everything is normal in ultraaound report. Why this test has done. Is there any problem to the baby
Answer: Double marker test is neccesry to do to know if baby have any abnormalities. Follow doctor's instructions.
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Question: Two days back,doctor has done my internal checkup and after that brown discharge is coming ..is it normal?? M 37 weeks pregnent
Answer: Yes, it is normal. But discharge volume is increased consult Ur Dr
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