3 months old baby

Question: How to avoid baby putting his thumb or hand in mouth?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello, you can put mittens to baby's hand so that he will not keep his thumb in in mouth.
Answer: Apply neem oil to the baby thumb
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Question: My baby is putting hand on his mouth even after feeding properly. How to avoid putting hand on his mouth..pls Suggest?
Answer: Hi, Baby might be teething and that is why must be putting hand in mouth.You can check for signs like red, swollen gums,cracks in gums etc.
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Question: My baby puts thumb in his mouth... How to stop him from putting thumb in mouth?
Answer: Hi dear.this is a normal behaviour of some kids you should don't worry about this. as it is a self resolving condition so you just relax . give some toies to your baby.u r baby thumb sucking even after one year babies.femite lotion(dabar company) is best medicine for thumb suking.it is used like nailpolish.may this help full.tq
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Question: How to avoid baby by putting hand in the mouth
Answer: Hi I use to put mittens on my babys hands it helped me to keep his fingers away from mouth Putting fingers in mouth might be a sign that your baby is hungry It might also be that your baby is teething provide your baby with water filled teether that can be cooled to comfort the sore gums Trim your baby's nails regularly .
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