5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How right overy Endometriosis effect baby

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Answer: It may not directly effect baby but you can experience bleeding & pain in pregnancy. In extream cases can cause miscarriage in first trimester. Take rest, Take care of yourself.
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Question: Hii.what does it mean ...right overy (MSF)...left overy (9×10mm)..endometerium(5.0mm) please reply....
Answer: Hi dear, MSF means multiple small follicles,which could be sign of pcod.it means your follicles are not developing.i think your doctor would be in a right position to clear your doubts.before ovulation,the right size could vary 18-36 mm.your ovary size seems to be small.endometrium thickness could be less than 5mm.anything more than that is abnormal.so it seems to be alright.
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Question: How to know my stages in endometriosis
Answer: Dear for that you would have to consult ur gynae. Only by ultrasounds your gynae would be able to tell which stage you are in. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to resolve endometriosis problem
Answer: There is no cure but some pain management programs can help to give relief from it's pain. First of all reduce your stress levels, take more omega-3 fatty acids, use progesteorone cream
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