36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much weight will gain baby in one week

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Question: Hi... Im 36 week pregnant. How much weight baby gain in one week
Answer: Hello dear, baby gain weight every week 200gm to 300 gm. 36 week =2.6 kg, 37 week =2.9kg, 38kg=3.1kg, 39 kg=3.3kg, 40week= 3.5 kg.
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Question: Breast feeding baby How much weight gain in one week? Ans pls
Answer: in a month baby gains 400-500 grms intially upto 6 months. weekly it deepends upon babys health 50--100 grm per week.
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Question: How much should a baby gain weight in a week?
Answer: Hi. Your baby should gain 140gm to 210gm weight every week till 4 month of age.
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