4 months old baby

Question: How much water shud i mix in cow milk for feeding my 4 month old baby?

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Answer: Dear you r not suppose to give cow milk to 4 month baby .pls stop its very harmful.as per Dr till 6 months only breastfeeding or formula milk Baby digestive system is very soft they can't digest cow milk it's very hard to digest for them After 1 year only u can give cow milk to baby
Answer: If it's pure than in 1 glass u can add 1 glass
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Question: Can I give cow milk to my 4 months old baby mix with water
Answer: Its not recommended to gve coa milk until 1 years...u can give formula milk insted
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Question: Plz lemme know if m giving amul milk to my baby how much water shud mix in 1 lit.. Cow milk doesn't suit it
Answer: don't give amul milk....outside milk is a strict no-2 for a baby who is less than 1 years old. As babies won't be able to digest & above all it doesn't contain required nutrients which are vital for newborn baby. My Pedia used to tell me Breast feed is like a Fixed Deposit...so just trust on yourself & breast feed. If there is some issue in feed for initial days, you can rely on Lactogen/Nan or any other age-appropriate formula.
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Question: Can I give cow milk to 7 month baby? If yes,how much water to mix?
Answer: I hd nvr given fm to my princess she is totally on bm or amul cow milk
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