39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much time should be for breast feed

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Answer: Hi please help us to understand your question by your profile we can see your 39 weeks pregnant and time for breastfeeding as in? if you are looking for the timing that for how long you should breastfeed your child then I would say the timing of the quantity in Tally depends on the baby there is no set rule but please feed the baby till the time baby takes it happily and willingly.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How often a newborn should be feed& how much time in each feed
Answer: Hi. You need to breast feed your baby every 2 hours for now. As babies milk gets digested in 90 minutes and at 120 hours baby feels the hunger again. At night this can be extended by one hour but do feed at night also or baby will be dehyderated.
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Question: How much time should we breast feed 1 month baby in every feed.
Answer: Hello dear U should feed ur baby for atleast 20 to 30 minutes to ur baby at a time. Also u have to feed ur baby after every 2 hrs because as ur baby is small he will pass urine after every feed because of which ur baby will again feel hungry.
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Question: how to increase breast milk?? also for how much time baby needs to be feed(breast feed)
Answer: U should drink milk thrice a day..eat fruits those are rich in nutrients..take proper diet..nd u also use zeera in any form in food..as powder or roasted
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