1 months old baby

Question: How much time shoukd a one month old baby take in breastfeefibg to fill his stomavh becausr my baby takes 45 mins st times and still hungry!

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Answer: Hi dear do feed ur baby for 15 to 20 mins and not more than that. As baby do suck ur milk and use it as a pacifier. It can also give u severe back pain. So do distract ur baby after 20 mins
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Question: My baby takes fm n within 40-45 mins,,he pees 2-3 times,,,again hungry,,is it normal?
Answer: Hi,Dear ,don't worry ..ur baby is perfectly healthy ......bowel movements are happening ......very normally ......try to keep the urinal area clean aways ,wipe with cloth ,apply baby powder that doesn't contain talc ,so that area remins dry .Feed every 2 hours.Hope I helped.
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Question: How much time a one month old baby takes time in fidding?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 months old give bf after every 2 2 hours .nd give bf 10to 15 min each side so that fore milk nd hind milk to do baby .its helpful in babies all over development. Try it
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Question: How much time a baby takes to correct his vision .my baby is exact one month old today and still his vision is not set.pls help
Answer: It will take three months for the vision to be focused. Only after that he will start to focus properly and recongnize sounds and people
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