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Question: How much sperm motility required if we prefer for IUI?? It's possible in 0% motility??

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Answer: Though exact figure is not known 1-5 million or more motile sperms are the base requirement for increasing the success rate of IUI treatment.The more the motility percentage the higher the success rate. Consult your fertility specialist regarding this in detail.
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Question: Motility of sperm 0% . is this possible?
Answer: Hello mam Low sperm motility means that sperm finds it difficult to move toward the egg andthis can lead to fertility problems. Treatments for sexual intercourse problems. Medication or counseling can help improve fertility in conditions to get pregnant The percentage of spermwhich are able to move in a particular semen sample, anything above 40% is generally considered normal, less than that is considered as low sperm motility
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Question: How much sperm count and motility required for pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear ....Recently I have seen the report of my son in law ....As far as I remembering 40 to 300 million of sperm per ml is normal and morality around 32 % is considered normal ...😊😊 Hope it will help ..Take care
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Question: Whether sperm and motility can increase ???? How long time period to improve the level ?? How much count and motility needed for iui for success
Answer: Jinka count km hota Hai Dr iui ke liye bolte Hai mujhe bhi Bola tha Dr iui karne ko fir uska pehela month pe Mera concil ho Gaya.
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