7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How much should I walk daily... Can I eat rice at night

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Answer: Dear 30 minutes normal walk is sufficient..yes, you can eat rice, but prefer having it in lunch, avoid during dinner because you might catch cold..
Answer: 30mins per day is good... in my state rice is staple food so every day I eat rice... there is no harm.
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    Gsss Haripur415 days ago

    What should I eat or have early morning when I wake up? Then brkfst as I m working I DNT HV much time

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    Gsss Haripur292 days ago

    Early morning take 1 luke warm water glass thn aftr 15 mins a cup of milk wd two Marie gold biscuits ... in breakfast take Dalia oats or sabji roti.

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Answer: hi a 14 month old baby can eat one fourth bowl of rice if they are also giving chapati then a little rice and one chapati will be insufficient for the baby
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Question: How much walk I can do daily ? In second trimester I can walk fast or not?
Answer: You can walk for 30-40 mins everyday dear....this is sufficient amount of exercise for you in the second trimester of pregnancy...
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Question: Can i eat rice at night
Answer: Hello, Dear you can eat rice but it can do gas to baby so have some warm water after that or eat ajwain..
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