1 months old baby

Question: How much of formula milk should be given to a 42days old baby considering the weight of the baby is around 5.5kgs? I give both - breast milk and formula but would want to completely switch on to formula feed.

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Answer: Hello, breast milk is much more better than formula milk please do not offer only formula milk. For long run it's not good .... breast milk have antibodies and provide immunity to the babies.
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Question: Both breast milk n formula milk can be given to baby. How i will adjust both the milk
Answer: Yes dear, u can feed both formula milk as well as breastmilk to ur baby. There is nothing harm in it. If u see that u are not able to feed ur baby as u are not getting sufficient milk then u can start giving ur baby formula milk which also contains same nutrients which mother milk have. But it would be good if u breastfeed ur baby till 6 months.
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Question: Hello, how much of Formula milk (per feed)should be given to 5 months baby ?
Answer: If your baby is drinking breast milk you no need to give formula milk. If you dont have breast milk you should give him formula milk. You should give him formula milk every 3 to 5 hours...
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Question: How much formula milk should be given to 2 weeks baby per feed and which is the best formula milk
Answer: My dr suggest me similac advnce..first i give bm+30ml of formlamilk..thn withmy dr suggst i increase the quantity yo 60ml..
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