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Question: How much menstrual flow is normal?? And what can be termed as a scanty period?? Dr pls reply

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Question: I just got scanty period after normal delevery.Is it a prob?wht to do to hv optimum blood flow?
Answer: If you are exclusively breastfeeding through day and night and not giving any formula milk to your child then you might not have periods till one year because the prolactin hormone which is responsible for the milk production has the ability to suppress the hormone which cause the periods therefore it is normal to have reduced flow till the time you are exclusively breastfeeding so don't worry periods may take time to regularize after delivery
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Question: My aminiotic fluid is scanty and dr told me may be baby cant to increase it???
Answer: The normal afl range should be between 8-18cm. increase your daily fluid intake. You should have atleast 4 litres of water per day ,have one to two tender coconuts.Take arg sachets if as your doctor has prescribed with out fail. If it still your AFL does not increase, then you ll be put on IV fluids.
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Question: How much menstrual flow is considered normal?? What can be termed as a scanty period? Dr pls reply
Answer: Hi dear scanty blood flow is normal when someone is going through a menopausal phase or is just starting periods it means that the ovulation is irregular at this point of time due to that also the endometrium lining fails to develop normally.. Hope this helps!
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