2 months old baby

Question: How much amount of paracetamol suspension can be given to 7 weeks old baby

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Answer: Hi. It depends on your babys weight.. if your baby is more than 3kg. It should be 0.4 ml
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Question: What amount of paracetamol can be given to a 3month old baby of weight 5.500kg
Answer: Hi dear please give 10 drops maximum else do talk to your doctor . Hope this helps!
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Question: How much amount of water should be given to a 7 month old baby in summers
Answer: Hi dear, During summer the babies will stop taking solid foods, and it will take liquids. So , try to give water frequently to beat the heat..along with water you can also give fresh fruit juices .don't use chilled /canned juices r water. Take care of little one..
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Question: How much amount of paracetamol drops should be given to baby during 2nd half month vaccine
Answer: Hello Dear these medicines have particular dosage, which needs to be recommended by a pediatrician.. Therefore, do not decide on the dose on your own, please call your pediatrician and ask for the same..
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