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Question: How many weeks will it take to get urine test positive??

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Answer: Hi dear plz do wait till 1 week after missed period to check if u r pregnant or not. Do it with ur morning urine.
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Question: Hoe long will it take to get pregnancy urine test positive
Answer: Dear once youmissedyourperiod , you can do a pregnancy test but for that use only first midstream urine of the day.
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Question: After implantation bleeding how many days it will take to give positive result
Answer: If you are getting one or two drops then you can check after next morning make sure whether it is implantation bleed or normal bleed if you don't get +ve result check after 5 gap check every 5 days of not consult gynic doctor take care deae
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Question: Hi,After how many day will i take my urine test to get clear result?
Answer: Hi dear generally it takes almost 4 to 5 days to get the corect hcg to detect the proper pregnant detection in the kit. Plz do it with ur morning urine to detect the pregnancy
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