2 months old baby

Question: How many times can lactogen be fed in a day for a 2 month old baby? I also feed her my breast milk, but I feel it's insufficient for her?

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Answer: Every2-3 hrs per day On demand of baby
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Question: Should ragi porridge be fed how many times a day. And how many times a week
Answer: Hi dear from 6 months onwards you should give you baby Semi solid food. Ragi is one of the nutrient rich energy food for small babies. In 6 months you should give your baby only two feed semisolid and 6 feed milk. If your baby has no digestion issue with Ragi you can give you baby Ragi porridge everyday or alternate day.
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Question: At times i feel my daughter is not growing. Her stomach won't get fill with my breast milk. I have milk in my breast but it's not like that my clothes get wet with it. What to do? Shall I start giving her top feed? How many times a day as I don't want her to leave my milk also?
Answer: hi dear first of all if you are baby has gained weight from the birth time and the pea count is good about eight times a day please don't worry about your supply have faith in yourself and keep feeling the baby you are already giving the best and form of breast milk to the baby and if you are clothes are not getting drenched with breastmilk please be sure that your supply has been regulated with the baby's needs.. Having a fast let-down and engorged breasts are really not a very comfortable thing to happen it has it own set of hassels, trust me i have been through it and its not good atall.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many Times a day should a one and a half years old baby be fed?
Answer: Dear apply a simple rule at this age babies has to be fed after every 3 hours. Some has to be given after a 3 hour gap. If you are giving snack then it should be 2 hours gap from main meal. Hope it helps.
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