8 months old baby

Question: How many times a day should I breastfeed my baby if he eats solid

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Answer: hi , when you start on solids for the baby , you can still continue to breastfeed atleast 2-3 times in a day which is where you give the milk and rest of the meals can be solids /semi solids that you would have started for the baby.
Answer: Hello! You can breast feed the baby 4 times a day or as and when the baby demands. Since breastmilk is the main source of food till the age of 12 months, it is important that the baby has enough of it. Take care
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Question: How many times should I feed my baby a day?
Answer: Hi desr st this age u should feed after every 3 hours to ur babyand make sure to burp. Do give session of almost 20 mins to ur baby as well burn for 15 to 20 mins. U can feed early also if u feels baby want to have milk as breastmilk is very easy to digest.
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Question: How many times should we breastfeed a 7 months 20 days old baby as now he has started having solid food 3 times a day
Answer: In between food giving gaps and whenever required u can give.. Give in nights and after woke up..
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Question: How many times a 4.5 months lo pee if he is breastfeed for whole day
Answer: my baby is same age and he's pee every 1/2hour ..i think it's because of cool climate ...winter na....!!!
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