5 months old baby

Question: How many time we have to feed 4 months old baby in a day?

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Question: How many times we have to feed the baby in a day?
Answer: Hi. You need to breast feed your baby every 2 hours for now. As babies milk gets digested in 90 minutes and at 120 hours baby feels the hunger again. At night this can be extended by one hour but do feed at night also or baby will be dehyderated.
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Question: In a day how many time and for how many minute we should feed a new born baby
Answer: When baby cries suppose feed baby , minimum after 2 -3hours u hv to feed Ur baby after feeding burping is important ...hold him for atlest 5-10min till milk get settled in his tummy ... be happy n enjoy each minutes of ur mother hood 😊😊
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Question: Hii how many times we have to feed baby in this months in day and nifht
Answer: Hi. At day feed baby 90ml to 120 ml milk in every 3-4 hour. At night it can be 5-6 hours. But make sure that first thing you do when baby wakes up is to feed him.
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