4 months old baby

Question: How many time baby should urine for 1 day

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Answer: Hello, it can be upto 10 diaper per day or more than that it depends on how much your baby will drink milk.
Answer: Hi.. Dear on a regular basis 4 - 5 wet diapers, are normal.. It can be more also..
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Question: For how many hours baby should sleep at day time?
Answer: Hello dear, at 4 months of age babies need an average of 14 hours of sleep per day.. your baby can sleep 6-7hrs without feeding in between.. so make sure your baby  sleeps four to five hours during the day, spread out over three naps.... and sleeps continuously at night...
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Question: How many times 1 month baby should pass urine and stool on a day ?
Answer: As your baby reaches 1 week old, bowel movements can increase to five to 10 times per day. Many newborns have bowel movements after every feeding in the beginning. Gradually, the digestive system matures, and your baby settles into a regular bowel movement routine. If ur baby is breastfed he or she will have frequent bowel movements in the first few weeks. When she reaches 3 to 6 weeks old, she should settle into a schedule of less-frequent poopy diapers. Because her body uses almost all of the breast milk, she doesn't produce as much poop as her formula-fed counterparts. One bowel movement a week can be perfectly normal for breastfed babies, although she might poop every day. Keep track of her bowel movements to get an idea of what is normal. However formula-fed babies should have at least one bowel movement each day. Some formula-fed babies continue having bowel movements after every feeding even after their systems mature. Less-frequent bowel movements in babies who eat formula might indicate constipation, especially if the stools are firmer than peanut butter or the baby strains when pooping. Hope this helps.
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Question: How many times should a 5 month baby pass urine for a day
Answer: On and average urine count should be atleast 6 to 8 times in a day. If count is less than it indicates that baby is not getting sufficient amount of milk Feed baby often it will help
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