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Question: How many stitches in c section?

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Answer: Hi dear nowadays there are no such stitches most of the time it is pasted C section where as there is no thread and needle stitch and so there is no way to count the stitches however if you have any confusion you can talk to your doctor .. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many months to take ,c section stitches r heal?
Answer: Hi dear, C section stiches could take a week or two to heal completly.it also depends on each body.moreover the more active you are,faster would be the healing process.but you still have some tenderness and discomfort for months.that is normal.
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Question: In C section how many stitches will be done?
Answer: Hi! It completely depends on your doctor as to what process your doctor is going to choose for you like I also had a c-section and mine was a pasting done which is usually done now.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many stitches are there in c section?
Answer: Hello! There are no fixed number of stiches. It totally depends on the cutting and your doctor.
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