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Question: How many movements should b there in 25 weeks of pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear after about 20 weeks, you may feel  your baby moving every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the moving too fast while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle..
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Question: How to count baby movements in 26 weeks of pregnancy? How many movements should be there for healthy baby?
Answer: Hi dear. Have a snack or drink fruit juice and lie down. Count the movements. You should feel atleast 5 movements per hour.
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Question: How many movements of baby should be there during 7thmonth of pregnancy
Answer: If you’re in the 3rd trimester and you want to check, monitor your baby’s movements for two hours while lying on your side. Most healthy babies will have at least 10 kicks over two hours during normal active times. Every baby is unique, though, so there isn’t one number that works for all pregnancies. So, no matter the number, if you experience a decrease in movement compared to whatever is usually normal for your baby, you should call your doctor.
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Question: How many movements should be there in a day in 29 weeks twins
Answer: 9 times a day movement in a day is normal.. in some babies it can be 5 to 6 times also
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnancy, minimum how many baby movements should be there this time
Answer: Hi dear As you are almost full term baby might had grown up and make you feel movement frequent than normal. ..at this stage if babies movement is atleast 10 kicks in less than 2 hour time then its normal....if movement is less do take more water and lye on your left side and observe you can feel movement if everything is fine as water supplies oxygen to baby and left side lying supplies blood flow to uterus and makes baby to move
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