15 months old baby

Question: How many months we should wait for the baby to roll over?

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Answer: It will be done btwn 3-5 months.. varies for each child
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Question: At how many days baby will roll over
Answer: Hello dear. Babies probably will be able to roll over when the baby is about six months or seven months, when the neck and arm muscles are strong enough. Some babies manage to roll over as early as three months, but other babies take longer than seven months. Don't worry, your baby will roll soon. Take care.
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Question: How can we understand baby is going to roll over...
Answer: hi mum don't worry you can see good changes in babies moment there then to move and sometimes it turn around so this shows that baby is going to rollover some babies through the symptoms for long time and they will too little later so I don't need to worry about it the babies will do the right thing that right time by naturally so you don't need to worry about it
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Question: For how many weeks we should wait for the labor pain ? 40 or 42 ?
Answer: Sometimes till 42 weeks and if labour pain consult doctor and doctor will induce pain
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