6 months old baby

Question: How many months we should continue multi vitamin drops

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Answer: U can give up-to 1 year (1st birthday)
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Question: Still how many years we should give vitamin drops
Answer: You can give upto.one year it good for baby's health. The more you give the more healthier the baby can be
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Question: How many days can i give multi vitamin drops and d3drops to my baby
Answer: It depends on your baby's growth and your doctor always before starting and stopping any kind of medicine consult your doctor as they will check your baby if your baby has developwell or not and needs the medicine to be continued or not
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Question: For how many months we should give multi vitamin drops to baby? I'm giving SmartVit drops to my baby right now. Should i stop after 6 mouths
Answer: Hello! It depends on baby to baby. It is better that you once consult the doctor about it. As the doctor will be the best per to advice you on this. Take care
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