2 months old baby

Question: How many months we have to feed baby every two hours

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Answer: Up to baby take some liquid food very little bit of water after decrease to feeding
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Question: For how many months i should continue to feed baby for every two hours?
Answer: Hie? You should feed baby after 2 hours until your baby is 5 months old Post that it would be 3 hrs intervals While asleep You should feed baby after 4 hrs until your baby is 5 months Post that it could be 5 to 6 hrs not more than that
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Question: Till how many months we have to breastfeed baby for every 2 hours
Answer: Hi, 2 months tak toh minimum baby ko frequent interval pe milk dena chahia jisse ki baby ko require feed mile after that baby ka bowel movement sahi hoga toh frequency kam ho jayegi
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Question: How many minutes to feed a baby for every two hours???
Answer: Hi. That depends on your milk flow dear. If your milk supply is good feeding 5-10 min is good. But if you have low milk supply then baby can even take 40 mins to feed..
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Question: Hi.. For how many months we need to feed baby every 2 hours? And during night for how many hours need to feed baby.. I have 39 days old baby boy
Answer: Hie You need to feed your baby every 2 hrs untill he turns 5 month old then you can increase it to 3hrs As with the night one as of now you need to feed your baby with a interval of 4hrs when asleep once he is 5 months you can have a gap of 5-6 hrs if the baby is asleep
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