38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many kiwi can i have to in pregnancy to increase my platelets??

2 Answers
Answer: U can 1 kiwi per day......dn eat more than that bcoz it may cause accidity nd dryness of throat...
Answer: Hi dear two or three kiwis per day is fine. To increase platelet count. Take care 💝
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Question: How to increase platelets now in 31st week of pregnancy
Answer: You may increase your low platelet count by following natural methods: By including beetroot in your diet. By including fish and meat in your diet. By consuming astragalus (herb). By adding zinc supplements By consuming vitamin B-12, generally found in meat By consuming Vitamin K, generally found in green leafy vegetables By consuming chlorophyll By consuming Vitamin C rich food ( citrus fruits ) By avoiding alcohol and refined sugar Though consuming foods that may help increase your platelet count may seem like a good idea, but it is recommended to seek your doctor’s advice before making any dietary changes.
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Question: My platelets is low how to increase my platelets in pregnancy
Answer: You can increase platelet counts with food such as eating papaya even juice of papaya leaves is good. Eating kiwi,all other fruits with vitamin C such as mango orange lemon is also good for increasing platelet count
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Question: How to increase platelets count during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear. Eat sea foods, milk, orange, papaya, broccoli, beans, pumpkin, pomegranate etc
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