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Question: How many days required to fertilize an egg for pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi are formed after being released in your body can live up to 48 to 72 hours and a fast moving sperm can reach the egg within half an hour also so that's completely depends as to how soon an egg can be fertilized because it depends on the sperms motility but after being fertilized the fertilized egg remains in fallopian tube for 3 to 4 days.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many days massage are required for baby ?
Answer: Hie you should massage every day twice up until 1 year atleast Massage promotes better blood circulation , helps pass the gas if any , helps strengthen bones and establish a bond between the baby and the giver
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Question: How many ultrasound required in pregnancy
Answer: Hie Through out the pregnancy you would have 3-4 scan First scan would be dating scan post 6 weeks in to check for your babys heart beat and to confirm pregnancy Second would be anomaly scan in your 5 th month of pregnancy where the doctor would monitor each and every little part and all the vital organ track growth and development to check if all the development are normal Third would be around 7 the month to check for the growth and development of baby and position Fourth scan would be around your due date to make an estimate of when can the baby arrive 
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Question: How many ultrasound required in whole pregnancy
Answer: 3 major scans.. NT scan.. anomaly scan n last me growth scan or colour doppler scan..these r the main scans
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