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Question: How many days does it take to completly recover from the c section delivery

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Answer: Hi dear gor normal low stress day ti day life u can start doing after 4 to 6 week but a complete recovery process's tske atleast 6 months .u should refrain doing any execrise or exhaustive work after 6 months of delivery. U can do walk and swimming which is fine. Also getting involve in light yoga and sleep properly is advisable.
Answer: It takes about 6 months to recover but u have to be carefull still
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Question: How long does it take to recover after c section.
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your delivery! To heal the stitches,you must move around and donot rest due to the pain there.the more you walk,the faster you recover. I knw how hard it is to walk with those stitches,as I myself had c section.but beleive me that was the only thing that helped me.moreover,complete recovery could take several months.initial 6 months donot strain or stress your back by lifting heavy objects.take well nutritious home cooked food to regain your strength...
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Question: how to recover from c-section? Hoe long does it take to heal?
Answer: Please have nutritious healthy food after the C sec.For some women healing is very fast and for the rest of may even take upto a month. Please include fruits, dry fruits and one teaspoon ghee in your diet to help in quick recovery. This will also increase your milk production.Get well soon Mommy!
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Question: How many days required to recover from c section?
Answer: Hi Mum it completely takes 40 days to get well and you should take rest for at least three months we should not lift heavy weight and please take care of your stitches avoid getting pregnant at this time use protect to prevent getting pregnant
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