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Question: How many I can have intercourse in a day??

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Question: How many dates I can have in a day??
Answer: Hi,Dear 1-2 dates are good to have in pregnancy as it helps in increasing your hb level,Dates are highly recommended for pregnant women as they can reduce the risk of anaemia, help cope with morning sickness, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, get rid of toxins, boost immunity, and maintain healthy calcium content in the body .
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Question: How many almonds can i have in a day
Answer: Hello Dear It depends, you can have around seven to eight soaked almonds in a day.. It should not be a problem.. It is nutritious dry fruit, with numerous health benefits.
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Question: How many egg can I have in a day?
Answer: Hi, egg is very nutritious and should be in your regular diet and Maximum 2 eggs in a day you can consume. Remember one thing during pregnancy eat any food fruits or vegetables in small quantity to avoid its side effects. Hope it helps.
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