8 months old baby

Question: How is happa's baby food ?

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Answer: Hi dear i never tried it but I can suggest u with my personal experience that any baby food is contiaNing added ingredients to increase its shelf life. So better give homemade food. That is best. Give khichdi oats porridge daal water rice water fruits puree vegetable puree.
Answer: Hello... Dear avoid giving packed foods to baby, can go for fresh homemade foods will be so nutrious and easily digestible
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Question: My baby is not eating food how is it
Answer: Hi dear first of all there is a lot of development that happens between 8 to 9 months of babies age so that can make the baby a little more not interested towards food as well it is including in that change now I would suggest you to please stick to it keep offering food on a daily basis and even if the baby does not have more than two to three schools it is fine because till 1 year of babies age the main source of Nutrition is milk so if your baby is having enough milk there is nothing to be worried about the solid intake now just to keep the baby in practice you need to make sure that you are offering variety on a daily basis and you are increasing the child to have it so if your baby is taking 2 to 3 spoons happily and willingly please don't worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to introduce baby with other food then BM as baby is not taking any food
Answer: Hi,you should start with Mashed fruits Or fruit puree Dal Ka Pani Veg puree Veg soups Mashed rice You should go slow Start with one new item in a day. Don't force feed your baby. It is ok if initially your baby has just a few spoons ,as gradually your baby will increase the quantity. But you should keep trying to feed solids as at this time it is important along with BM/FM.
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Question: How is easum baby food??
Answer: Hello ! Easum is considered to be better than ceralac as it does not have much added sugar. But for daily feeding your baby try offering home made food only .
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