8 months old baby

Question: How i recover my pre pregnancy complexion ? During my pregnancy i lost white complexion !

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Question: Hi i want to know... How can i recover very soon after c section...???? I want to recover soon.. Want to gain my stamina soon... So i can go anywhere..come back to my daily routine like pre pregnancy
Answer: It hardly takes 1 to 2 months to recover..dont stress urself..as u r breastfeeding mother u need more calories..eat properly and go for mild walk..clean incision area properly..dont engage urself into hard work that might hurt ur incision area..be relax and enjoyable..soon u back to normal routine..all the best..
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Question: how to prevent from dark complexion during pregnancy?
Answer: TIPS FOR FAIR N GLOWING SKIN..... 1...Clean ur face wid raw milk daily.. 2...Don't use face wash n soap ..use basen as a face wash.. 3...Apply lemon honey daily 4..Apply soyabean powder+masoor dal+curd ya raw milk ya tomato pulp for 20 minutes n wash wd water.. 5...Take 1 glass raw milk daily at night ...before going to bed... 6...Rub lemon daily.. 7...Apply almond paste+raw milk.. 8...Apply tomato or cucumber pulp or papaya pulp or banana pulp keep 10 to 15 minutes n then wash.. 9...Apply orange peel powder+raw milk or curd.. 10...Apply tomato pulp+curd..
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Question: How to get picme id for pre registering during pregnancy???
Answer: Sorry dear cannot understand Picme id?? Do you mean about Pradhan Mantri yojna??
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