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Question: How i concieve a baby boy

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Answer: Sorry dear Can't help u in this matter. As having a boy or girl is something which is not in our hands. It is a gift of God. So, accept and thank God for whatever u get.
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Question: How to concieve a baby boy
Answer: I can understand your wish to conceive a boy baby.but unfortunately it is not in your hands.the gender of baby is decided by the random match of chromosomes of male and female .your partner would have XY while you have XX.only when X matches with X ,baby girl is born,while X matching with Y would give boy.simple science..
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Question: Hello doc i have i wAnt a boy baby ,how to concieve a boy baby......
Answer: Hey, when your period ends, conceive only on even days. Like your date is 18 to 21 Jan then you can conceive on 23, 25, 27 jan.... simple technique. When your period ends, count next day of your period ends. And after conceiving, sleep on right side.
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Question: How can we concieve a baby boy...
Answer: Dear I know being mother we have some gender specification but honestly dear there is no way to conceive a specific gender. It's not in human hands. So wish for a healthy pregnancy and dont worry about gender of baby..
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