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Question: How do they induce labor pain in hospital s and when do they do?

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Answer: Hi dear ones you cross your due date but there is no triggering of labour pain then only doctors decide to induce you and they use medication or injection specifically to induce the labour please don't worry it is absolutely safe and healthy for you and the baby because at this point of time your health and the baby's health is the most important thing which is needed to be taken care of .. All the best!
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Question: How to induce labor naturally? And when to induce?
Answer: Hi Do not strain to induce natural labor...as it sometimes lead to amniotic fluid leakeage which lead to complication...just drink plenty of water..walk slowly till you will be able to talk without gasping while walk....always sit on floor with cross leg...it increase chances of getting natural labor...
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Question: How do they induce labour pain in hospitals?
Answer: A gel or vaginal insert of prostaglandin is inserted into the vagina or a tablet is given by mouth. This is done overnight in the hospital to make the cervix ripe for delivery, prostaglandin induce labor or used before giving oxytocin.
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Question: How will they induce labor? When will they induce?
Answer: They will induce labor either by inserting gel in your vagina or through injection. They will do once you will get admitted in hospital.
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