7 months old baby

Question: How do reduce my belly fat after delivery...its been 7 months after delivery still my belly looks like 5months pregnent....shall i try skipping to reduce belly fat?

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Answer: hi , typically because as a new mother we spend time sitting and feeding the baby and also the food we eat sometimes gets out of what we should eat etc, there is accumulation of belly fat. The best way to get rid of this is to exercise and stengthen the muscles around abdomen. Also avoid sugars , fried and junk food . Exercises like sit-ups, leg raises, squats etc. have been proved beneficial. When teamed up with a healthy diet, you can see results as soon as few weeks. This will not only give you are slimmer waist but also help you gain confidence, strength and stamina that you need after delivery.
Answer: Dont stress urself u do some simple yoga Dont do heavy excercise and màintain proper diet
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Question: I had normal delivery but still my belly looks like i m pregnant with 5 months old baby..how to get rid of it n reduce belly fat
Answer: Dear it's normal to have a pregnant belly even after delivery. Actully dear it takes 9 month for your body to be in the shape so it will take some time to be back on its pre pregnancy shape. So dont worry your baby is now 5 months so start some easy and mild walk and also drink honey , lemon hot water in the water. Gradually start some yoga . It will help reduce some tummy fat..
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Question: How will I reduce my belly after normal delivery ? It looks like I'm still pregnant?
Answer: Hello dear. Few of home remedies that will reduce the belly fat are: Breastfeeding Diet Drink water Start Exercising Slowly (after 6 months) Ball Exercises to reduce Belly (after 6 months) Eat Small and Frequent Meals. Take care.
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Question: How to reduce the belly after a c section delivery. Its been 5 months after my delivery still i have a huge belly
Answer: Hi,it is because uterus takes time to return to it's position. Also because of fat accumulation You should avoid fried food. Avoid carbs Have more if cooked and baked food Have veg and fruit. Avoud processed food and food that has preservatives Take walks Start exercising Eat something every two hours Have lots if water Avoid sugary food All this will help
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