3 months old baby

Question: How do I know my 4 month baby is fit n fine.. On breastfeeding only

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Question: How do I know my baby is fine
Answer: If u don't have any complications ur baby will be safe at this stage the baby was not fully formed so u have to take good food which was rich in folic acid or u can take folic acid tablets as doctor prescribed
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Question: How to know if baby health is fit and fine
Answer: Hi if baby is active playful sleep well takes proper feed won't cry after feeding pee count is more than 6 weight is gaining then it indicate that baby is healthy and getting sufficient amount of milk.
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Question: in 4month how can i feel that my baby is fit n fine because at this time I don't feel baby's movements. M 4 month pragnent
Answer: Hello dear. At 4 month u will feel baby above pelvic bone. Moving continuously but is so small that u can`t feel it. Jst wait for it. By the end of 5th month u will feel butterflies in lower tummy.
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