31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can we know it's a baby boy or girl

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Answer: By ultrasound scanning only we can know its a baby girl or boy.
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Question: How we can know it's boy or girl baby??
Answer: Hi Dear! I can understand how excited you are for the new member to arrive and its true that USG scans can detect gender but unfortunately in our country it is illegal due to unpleasant infanticides which took place in the past and still taking specially with girl child, so there is no way you can know about the gender of an unborn baby. Take care!
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Question: how we know it's boy or girl
Answer: hello.. dear..there are many myths on the pregnancy carvings and belly bump.. but there is no scientifically proof about the gender...moreover whether it may be boy or girl what makes you difference.you are anyhow mother to both...so till the time of delivery it is a surprise for you .. be happy and enjoy with your surprise in next few weeks.. all the best..
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Question: How can we know if it's a girl or a boy
Answer: Dear It is totally illegal to know gender of babies in India. You can only guess whether it is a boy or girl by their heartbeat. It is said that girls heartbeat is more than boys heartbeat. So, u can easily predict the gender of babies
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