10 months old baby

Question: How I trained baby to mix with others ?

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Answer: Hi dear, I think you are talking about stranger anxiety in babies.so it is quite common,and and it is a phase most of the babies go through.your baby would be fine,keep her exposed to propel mor often .take her to parks ,and other social events,at th same time donot stress your baby.it would pass gradually.my baby had it too ,in quite early stage.now he's absolutely fine.
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Question: how to trained baby without diapers sleeping
Answer: Just put her in underwear, a place a towel or something under her. Make sure she goes potty before going to bed and  I recommend nothing to drink about 1/2 an hour to an hour before she goes to bed. If she wants something, just allow her to have a sip of water.At first, she may have a few accidents, let her know that it's ok. She should stay dry soon enough, because they don't like to be wet.if u wake up in the night for baby feed then do also try to make baby pee in wash room. As soon as baby wake up take her to pee and give some water.
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Question: How to trained baby for potty seat
Answer: You’ll need to buy a potty chair or a potty seat. Potty chair is better for toddlers as their feet can reach the ground which makes it easier and more comfortable for them to use. Encourage regular trips to the washroom. Also make your baby sit on the potty for a while every day and for a while longer if you think he/she has to go. offer your child praises and rewards each time your child follows the instructions and uses potty training equipment successfully.  For potty chairs check in buddsbuddy website as they good collection
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Question: how could I trained my baby for potty
Answer: take the baby along with you to choose potty seat. now after every meal take the baby to washroom or you must have idea about when the baby generally do potty. show the potty training stories on you tube. give appreciation when baby does it. give stars or some toys when baby does. encourage the baby and don't complain when misses to do on potty seat. explain the pain baby might feel before feeling potty.
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