16 months old baby

Question: Home remedy for vomiting nd loose motion plz

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Answer: Keep yourself hydrated and try this tested tried home remedy for loose motion take 1 tsp of chai Patti with water repeat the same after 6 hours if required. For vomiting sniff orange it might help ..Take care
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Question: For loose motion plz suggest home remedy...
Answer: Hi dear loose motion is very normal for a 2 years old baby because they tend to put everything in their mouth whatever they come across now first of all I would suggest you to start ORS to keep the baby hydrated and also if the baby still feels breast milk you can keep feeling that milk also apart from that please help with brat diet that is banana rice applesauce and toast biscuit also you can offer jivda if they are a wonderful stool binders and helps in controlling the motion also keep the baby clean so that the virus doesn't get to grow more.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Baby is vomiting nd loose motion Any home remedy plss
Answer: Give homemade ORS to the baby.. Boil1 litre of filtered water and allow it to cool..add 6 tspns of sugar and half a tspn of salt mix till it is dissolved..give at regular intervals.. Also,you can give rice water, banana (if he has started eating it), coconut water,curd,carrot juice,potato mash
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Question: Home remedy for loose motion
Answer: 3 months old suffering from loose motions..not feeding..what to do?
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