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Question: Hoe long will it take to get pregnancy urine test positive

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Answer: Dear once youmissedyourperiod , you can do a pregnancy test but for that use only first midstream urine of the day.
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    Dr Anju Jinendra963 days ago

    How many weeks should be then?

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Question: After miscarriage how long it will take to get pregnant?
Answer: You can conceive immediately in next cycle as well..
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Question: How long it will take to get back normal mensuration ???
Answer: Until you stop breastfeeding your periods wil be on and off dear. Once you stop periods wil get regular. But please concentrate on your foods do regular exercise and drink plenty of water. Take care.
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Question: how long after delivery will a pregnancy test of in kit get false positive result
Answer: It will always show u correct status of ur Pregnancy. So u should rely on that report. Usually till 6 months of delivery u may not get period but u can surely get pregnant
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