10 months old baby

Question: Hlo mommies my baby is 9 & half month he get b/m also i missed my periods bt prg tst is ngt what should i do

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Answer: Hello dear If u already checked ur pregnancy and it is showing negative. It means that u are not pregnant but have missed ur periods and it might be due to various reasons such as stress,travelling or some hormonal change. Better u consult ur doctor
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Question: Hello. I missed my last month periods bt i m not pregent what should i do ?
Answer: Hi Pregnancy is not the only reason of no period or delayed once. Missed or late periods happen for many reasons other than pregnancy. Common causes can range from hormonal imbalances to serious medical conditions, stress , extreme exercise, weight loss or weight gain, eating disorders, or it could be your body still working out your cycle.so better u should first get ur pregnancy check with kit and if negative then consult doctor to detect other reasons of late period. 
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Question: HSG tst is complsry for conceive baby i m compltng my mrrge 1an half yrs i do or not thzzz tst plzzzz tell m dr
Answer: hi dear! hsg (hysterosalphingography) is done when the doctor feels to see the reason for not conceiving. so if thats the problem that you are not conceiving. this test will let us know if your tubes from where the eggs pass is good or no dear. so do this test just to be sure that everything is good with you dear. take care. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hlo ....my baby is 8 month old .....bt he has no teeth .....what should i do
Answer: It is hk.. Some children get teeth early and some late
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