17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo mem i am 16 week pregnant.can i travel by car .

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Answer: hi you can travel by car if the distance is shorter or less than one hour. if you have no back pain and you are in a need to travel by car fir longer distance.. you can prefer someone who rely to drive the car slow and safe .. make sure you are able to take a walk in between , have something to eat, sit in a comfortable position without being congested . travelling by train for longer journey is preferred compared to travel by car .. if car is the only option you can travel slowly take rest in between and proceed your journey . Make sure you are able to sit comfortably and don't travel continuously without taking a break .
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Question: Am 24 week pregnant.can i travel 8 hour by car ??
Answer: hello dear you can travel by car but you need to take a break it in between the travel. Don't sit for long hours it will cause strain for the body you need to stretch your body so try to take a break in between the travels and drive safely.
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Question: hi I am 33 week pregnant.can I travel by car. total travel time 6 hr
Answer: Hi Dear! travelling in pregnancy completely depends on your comfort and your confidence if you are confident enough to travel you can go ahead and travel by a car however your doctor's opinion or permission is important based on your pregnancy health condition so please speak to your doctor if you doctor permits you can go ahead and travel by a car however please try to maintain hygiene by using sanitizers and homemade food and if you happen to use a toilet please carry toilet spray etc to maintain the hygiene. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant.can I travel Delhi to Shimla by car?
Answer: no it's long distance and better use train to travel you will feel.more comfortable.
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