22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo mam, can I eat dry coconut in 6th month of pregnancy

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Answer: Yes but in limited quantity
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Question: Can i eat dry fruits in 6th week pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. The best dried fruits and nuts that you should have during pregnancy are: Walnuts Almonds. Peanuts. Other Nuts. Peanuts should be taken in moderation. Dried Apricots. Dried Apples. Dried bananas Dates. Take care.
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Question: Can we eat dry coconut in pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear, dry coconut is healthy during pregnancy..it helps ease heart burn, acidity, nausea and constipation.... which are all common during pregnancy...so eat it but in moderation..
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Question: Person having pcod carrying 6th month of pregnancy can eat coconut items. Coconut water
Answer: Hello Yes, you can. Coconut water is a rich source of natural minerals and vitamins.. But, avoid It having on regular basis.. Alternate day or twice a week, should not be a problem.
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