21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo dr ..today level 2scan is done thats fine ..and on report there is a sign of xx on usg and i have twin pregnancy thats means i have two girls under my womb

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Question: Hello today i have done sonography and results is earer level in womb is quite less.. is it okay or what is solution on this
Answer: hi dear , not very clear what you mean with earer level .. Are you refering to Amniotic fluid level .. If so , how low is the level .. Normally the doctor would guide you on the same and specially on precautions that you need to take .. Keep yourself hydrated well and have good amount of water at all times and follow your doc please
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Question: Today I got my pelvic usg done ... No heartbeat of baby was found... Is there any chances of positive report
Answer: Hello dear sorry to hear that.no heartbeat means no .because I had this two times no heart beat issue.so consult ur doctor as soon as possible.but after third time I consult my doctor from my first month and I am mother of my 11month baby so don't take tension please.eat health think positive.and take care of u.
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Question: I have done my usg on my 5weeks 3days. The usg report says there is a fetus without any pole.. My doc advised me to do a TVS on my 8week.. I have polycyst on my left ovary and a functional cyst has founded on my right ovary as per the usg report. So I want to know what is my condition
Answer: Hi, it is early in the pregnancy, so fetal pole can appear at 9 weeks also. Which is normal. As for breastmilk cysts there is nothing to be done now. However the doctor will keep monitoring and if required remove it when you deliver the baby.
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