26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo docter... Last two nights i cant sleep properly i feel to heavy in tummy & contiouslly pain also and i feel hurtburn also so what i should do??

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Answer: Hi dear, try to sleep on your left side with a pillow between the legs. For heartburn, try to eat smaller meals more frequently and avoid drinking while eating. You can sip milk or coconut water whenever you feel like acidic. I used to avoid eating a few hours before bed that also helps in heartburn. You should avoid foods spicy foods, aerated drinks etc. I hope these tips help you too. Take care
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Question: Hey i m pregnant with 7week i have twins and i always feel so uneasy and pain stomach and back also cant sleep properly what to do?
Answer: Dear mild abdominal and back pain is normal during pregnancy because it happens because of stretching of the uterus. So there is nothing to worry in it. Just few changes in daily activities will give you alot of relief. Like avoid standing or sitting for long time , avoid sudden movements like standing or sitting a d do it very slowly, keep pillow under your legs while sitting and sleep on your left side and keep pillow between your legs... But in any case you feel pain is constant and unbearable then consult with your doctor....
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Question: My hemoglobin is 9.6 gm..is it fine?.......n last two nights i cant sleep properly there is pain in my eyes n legs too....what should i do to take sleep properly....
Answer: Hi! Hemoglobin is less in your case it needs to be 13. Take in iron rich foods like dates, fig etc Jaggery is an excellent source of iron. Liver , in case you have non- veg Eat curry of 250 grams of leaves of drumstick tree.My friend was 9 during 2nd week of 9th month. she only added this in her diet. Doctor was astonished to see the result in two weeks gap. It went to 11. Include ragi, dates n pomegranates. also eat vitamin c rich foods. Vitamin C foods helps in better absorption of iron. Good luck!
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Question: i feel pain in my legs during sleep in nights in pregnancy.what should i do...i can't even sleep properly
Answer: It's natural to have cramps and joint pain in pregnancy. Pls massage the area daily with a pain relief oil. Also use hot water bag . All the best.
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