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Question: Hlo .. I m 5 months pregent.. I m not getting proper sleep at night.. My left lower back is paining only while sleeping.. is there any solution for this

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Answer: Its quit natural to all the babies , Try to feed only when he is more hungry... Rapidly feeding him may causes in diajection problem .. Provide griep water ...
Answer: Take hot water shower down your hip region before going to bed for painless sleep..you can just pour bearable hot water from your hip region (back).
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Question: My 5 month baby is not sleep ll in night.. Daily he sleeping after 2am only... Is there any solution?
Answer: Hi I understand this is one of the most irritating thing when mom get tired whole day , she to expect have a good sleep at night and baby wake up in between .Don't worry follow below steps and I m sure u will succeed.  u Need to plan the day activity to make sure that baby sleep nicely at night. Plz follow the below routine. keep baby engaged whole day. Take her out for evening walk or to play. Engage her in mental and physical activity so that baby will get tired.give bedtime bath everyday if weather is favourable. That will make baby relaxed and make feel sleepy.  massage baby with mild lotion after bath. It helps  to stimulate the most important nerves of the body so that baby sleep  through the night.  involve in soothing and calm activity right before bedtime along with some relaxing music. Develop strong learning habits by singing lullaby or reading stories. make separate pair of sleep cloth. Baby will associate them with sleep time. Make sure there is no toy around the bed and light is dim
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Question: Is there any particular sleeping positions for low lying placenta ? I can sleep only left side. Is this any issue ?
Answer: Hi dear, I had the same issue and sleeping side way is better Even better is to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Keep your legs and knees bent, and put a pillow between your legs
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Question: Hi.. I have severe leg pain while sleeping.. Couldn't able to sleep at night.. Is this common.. Any solution ??
Answer: Yes leg pain is common during pregnancy asking sleeping position due to less blood supply there may be slight swelling and pain may occur so just have a massage before sleeping do walking morning and evening at least for half an hour daily these things will help
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