12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo .... I am 11 week pregnant .... 3 days se white discharge ho rha h ... Is it normal ??? If abnormal then what should I do ???

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Answer: Little discharge is normal. But If discharge is heavy and with bad smell then ask your doctor they will prescribe some medicines.
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Question: I am 8 week preg... Or mujhe starting se abhi bhi white discharge ho rha h it is normal?
Answer: Hello Dear white discharge is normal in pregnancy normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about but yu need to check if there is pungent smell with it and also do yu have any sort of pain in yur abdomen or pelvic region. If no then yu need to increase yur fluid intake like water, coconut water, juices n buttermilk. But if yu have smell n pain n colour of discharge is changing from white to yellow then it may be sign of infection yu need to meet yur gynaecologist immediately. Take care
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Question: Is it normal if white discharge is their i am 56 days pregnant
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely safe to have white discharge during pregnancy. What you're noticing is probably leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky white discharge that you may have had before you got pregnant.Odorless or mild-smelling. But in any point of time if you feel it's heavy discharge, more like watery urine kind of, change in color like reddish, pinkish, brownish , pale yellow and greenish with itching and burning that needs to be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. One of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy is candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection. So relax and enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: i am mother of one month 11 days baby. is it normal to experince leg pain these days. if yes then what should i do
Answer: Ya it's very much normal to have pain in legs.. To reduce the pain drink lots of water along with regular exercise. It will definitely help you.
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