12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hk, im 12 weeks pregnant. I had my scan today. They told the baby is completely normal. We saw the movements. The following were the informations present in the scan. Heart rate is 164 bpm.present expected Weight is 50 gms +/- 15 gms. Maternal cervix - 3 cm .Everything is okay i think except for that they have mentioned placenta is posterior and low lying, lower edge of the placenta is seen reaching the OS. Internal OS closed. Placental echoes are homogenous. Is there anything to worry?. Can i be normal ?. Or i have to take complete bed rest.?. Nuchal translucency - 1.5 mm.

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Answer: Please do not worry, placenta will go up automatically , take bed rest if u have had bleeding, avoid sexual intercourse and do not do any heavy work.
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Question: Hii, kal mera tiffa scan hua h. Result is placenta is posterior with inferior edge reaching up-to os grade 1 maturity. What is the means of this.
Answer: Hi dear. if any periods is within 2 centimetre of internal OS then it is a low lying placenta , so you will have to read your reports carefully in order to understand the distance between edge and OS. grade 1 Placenta is a normal aging of placenta and grade one is from 18 to 29 week of pregnancy .
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Question: in last month scan my placenta is low laying.now in present scan my placenta is lowwer edge reaching within 5.8 cm of internal closed os .is it safe??
Answer: Hi, you may have to go in for a csec, as normal delivery ia difficult. And alzo tey and take max rest. Take care
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Question: Hello mere ultrasound level 2 scan m Placenta is posterior of grand 2 maturity. Lower limit of placenta is not reaching the internal os. Internal os is closed. Cervical length 38mm. Liquor amnii is adequate. It's normal?
Answer: Hi, It is normal don't worry. Your placenta is at right position and good as per your gestational weeks.
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