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Question: Hiiii.... I was planning for my pregnancy for last 6 months. My last periods was Jan 17. And today march 2 i got my periods. I want to know when to have intercourse to get pregnant. Please suggest me about this. I wanna get pregnant. Suggest me proper diet also.

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Answer: hello dear, to get pregnant firstly both of you have to maintain a Healthy lifestyle. you should get intimate from the 10th day to 17th day of your menstrual cycle. you can also start Folic acid supplements and your husband should take zinc supplement. If your husband is doing smoking or drinking he should Limite it as far as possible. I will suggest you to talk to a gynaecologist so that your doctor can provide you with proper supplements and guide you to conceive. all the best dear.
Answer: Hlo dear ....first of all calculate ur mensural cycle days....for example 30 day divide bye 3 that is 10. central 10 days of ur period are conceving day....most important days are 16TH 20th day r conceving days
Answer: You have to do a sexual intercourse 4 days before your ovulation and on d day of ovulation.
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Question: Today I had my periods when should I intercourse to get conceived.. Today is 9 march
Answer: Hii. You should try from 10th day. if today is your first day...then you should try from 19th this will help you to concieve soon.
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Question: Today on 13th October i got my periods. Usually my cycle is of 28days. But this month i got my periods after 21days. I want to get pregnant. Pls give suggestions. And help me with proper time to get pregnant
Answer: Hie there are maximum chances for you to conceive if you have intercourse during ovulation period To calculate ovulation date or period you need to calculate your period cycle length first . Period cycle length is the average no of days between first day of 2 consecutive period Track down your periods date of last 4 months And figure out the average no of days between them . Say you have 30 days between 2 of your periods Then you ovulate on 30÷2 =15 . So your ovulation date would be approx day 15 counting from 1st day of your periods . Have sex on 4 days prior and post ovuation date That would be from day day 12 to 18 To increase your chances to  conceive Have folic acid supplement it helps boost fertility Both the partners should have a healthy diet as it helps on conceiving a healthy baby Both the partners should avoid alcohol or smoking during this periods Limit your caffeine intake  Good luck
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Question: Hi.. Was planning for pregnancy, unluckily i got my periods today... May i know when i have should intercourse after my periods to get pregnant..
Answer: Hi Nothing to worry, you can conceive successfully. Try having intercourse during your ovulation period. It usually starts from 14 th day. However you can have sex from 12 th to 17th day.
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