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Question: Hiiii. Can anyone say which is the best position during intercourse to get conceive

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Question: Which is the best position to sleep during 10weeks
Answer: Hello...During pregnancy it is better to sleep in side(SOS), usually doctors prescribe to sleep in left side , because it will provide more blood to umbilical cord,in that way your baby get all nutrients It is also best to keep a pillow between your legs , and knees bent.. it will provide you a good sleep.. Thank you
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Question: Which position is best to get conceive
Answer: Hello Get an ovulation strip so u get to know ur ovolation days. u ll know ur best chance to keep trying . Eat butter fruit or avocado as it helps in conception. Stay well hydrated exercise well so u ll get good endorphin levels wch will keep u and ur body happy. Stay positive and happy so u ll see good results soon. Sex position wch ur comfortable in is best.
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Question: During intercourse which position is best for 3 month pregnant
Answer: Standing position. Other wise normal position is also ok but ask your husband to take care that he won't put much weight on stomach.
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