36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii mam can i eat pineapple at 37 week and it is harmful my baby

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Answer: Hi...hope u are fine ..Pineapple are not recommended during pregnancy. Pineapple contains a type of enzyme, that helps soften the cervix and induces labor. Hence not recommended in pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: Can I eat pineapple at 37 weeks pregnancy
Answer: One or two slices of pineapple can be eaten during pregnancy... however if you have acidity please do not eat it as it can trigger acidity...also avoid eating it in large quantities as it contains certain types of enzymes which can trigger uterine contractions and cause premature birth of your baby...
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Question: I m 37 week pregnant so can i eat pineapple.. it is safe for me n my baby or not????
Answer: Dear at this stage yes it is safe. If pineapple is eaten in large quantity ot can cause contraction but if that even happens it is fine with you as youbare nearing you due date anyways. But that happens only if you eat it in large quantity. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i eat pineapple at 38 week is it harmful my baby
Answer: One or two slices can be eaten dear.. eating pineapple in larger quantity can cause uterine contractions dear..so limit it's consumption dear..
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