12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii... Mera thyroid T3 Total: 1.33 ng/mL T4 Total: 10.80 ug/dL TSH: 0.34 uIU/mL hai Thik hai ya nahi

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Answer: Hi dear ,aapka T3 n TSH level thik hai but T4 thoda se jyada hai but pregnancy ke second trimester mein jyada ho Jaate Hain Kyunki yah baby ki develop Me jaruri hai. To aap bilkul tension mat lo but make sure to inform you doctor as well because if any mild medication is needed doctor will surely notify you. Hope it helps.take care.
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Question: My thyroid profile T4 total is 12.54 ug/dL is it ok ?wat does it mean ?
Answer: Hello! The range of t4 is more and you need to consult the doctor as you will have to take medicine to avoid any complications. Don't worry, if you take medicine and proper care, there is nothing to worry about. Take care
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Question: serum free t3 is 4.99 pg/ml serum free t4 is 1.15 ng/dl serum TSH is 3.15 uiu/ml. Is it normal
Answer: Hllo dear t3 level should be 0.29 to 3.1 nd ur 4.99 its high t4 level should 01.2 to 2 ur s s 1.15 its normal Tsh should 0.24 to 4.17 ur s 3.15.. ur reports r near abht notmal...consult ur dr also..
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Question: My thyroid profile states that T3 total is 1.82ng/ml ,T4 total is 17.6ug/dL and my TSH is 1.11uIU/mL is this normal
Answer: Hello, I think T4 is increased please contact doctor.
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