35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii I'm 34 weeks now today in my scan radiologist told liquor volume is very less n its 8 cm..... N my gynecologist told me to admit so that she can keep intravenous fluids to improve Wat r) my risk chances Wat to do Anything scary My baby is ivf conception took

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Question: My AMH level is 0.2 n my dr. Told me that i have very less chances to get pregnant n have to do IVF, what can i do? IVF is only option? Can i conceive naturally?
Answer: Hi Dear! If ur Dr. has told it he must hv told with an overall tests and condition, if supplements or meds are not working its not going to help and better to follow whag ur Dr. says.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello! Today I have gone for my level 2 scanning. The result are telling that my liquor amnii volume is high.AFI:23.76 cm and the fetal weight is 379gms. The doctors have told me the fetal weight is less and amnii volume is high . So what should I do to increase my fetal weight and maintain my amnii fluid too plz suggest me..
Answer: Hello! For the amniotic fluid you cannot do much. Make sure that you take plenty of rest. To increase the weight of the baby Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. At least take 3-4 servings of both . Have hand full of dry fruits, drink milk, paneer, pulses, curd, soya chunks, eggs. Also take on daily basis 5-6 dates, banana, orange or mosambi juice and urad dal. Hopefully this helps.  Take care 
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Question: My age is 34 n i got married in march 2016 . I started my planning in november 2016 after that my family force me for treatment n they told me to do test n all . Doctor started one month with tablets abd then he had start humog injection in january 2018 in february ectopic pregnancy right tube blocked bcz of ectopic after 4 month i tried for baby but no result that same month doctor started injection but same thing now this month i ask doctor for next treatment doctor told do FSH text again in november my FSH was 14.13 n now 14.35 so doctor said now u go for Ivf . Bcz ur eggs are less n one right tube is block knw so u do ur ivf. I m very upset after hearing this . Please help me doctor i want normal pregnancy i dont want to do ivf n all please help me doctor pla
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. If you do not wish to go with IVF discuss with doctor regarding same. Are you getting periods regularly. If you are not interested in Ivf then please come online for doctor session, which you can find in home page. Keep all your reports ready. Doctor here helped me a lot in my health issue. Good luck
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